Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Che Guevara in India

Somewhere in deepest Kerala, the day's news is carefully analysed for any signs of impending revolution!! For those who do not read Malayalam, the board says "Comrade. Santo Gopalan memorial library and reading room". The sketch at the back is of course, Che, the Jesus Christ of Communism.PS: I did not take this photograph and have no idea who did. Apologies for any potential copyright violation. Or should that be copyleft? :-)

- Avan


Anonymous Dhanush said...

Probably u haven't seen this. :-)

Nice post.

19 December, 2006  
Anonymous bvn said...

parippuvada,dinesh beedi and kattan are missing ...nice pic...atleast we read newspapers

19 December, 2006  

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