Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Avalude Ravukal: The movie

I recently made an attempt to watch Avalude Ravukal, the movie that "inspired" the name of this blog. Alas, the attempt has remained just that. I got through half the movie before giving up.

The good parts first. Seema, who spurred a million Malayalee libidos, made her debut in this movie. And she has enough oomph, even in this black and white movie. All the failsafe recipes- topless but with the relevant bits invisible, being drenched in the rain without much evidence of undies, a shower scene, walking around for extended amounts of time in just a shirt - were trotted out in the first half hour itself. What's more, she has done a fairly good job of acting as well.

The bad: and this is really bad. Every melodramatic situation that can be thought of has been brought in. Orphaned children, exploitation of women, etc etc etc. The actors other than Seema are so inept that even the pathetic Mohanlal of recent movies seems awesome in comparison. Soman, Pappu and gang, sorry, but I have to tell the truth, as I saw it.

Thanks to Seema, an otherwise forgettable movie is etched in the mind of every Malayalee, even of those like Aval and I, who had not watched the movie.

- Avan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The song Rakendu Kiranangal is from this movie, right? Thats a haunting song. And it has played a major part in whatever popularity this movie has among today's generation.

19 December, 2006  
Anonymous Dhanush said...

All I remember whenever I hear abt this movie is
1) Sreenivasan's dialogue in Nadodokaatu to Seema - "Seemachechiyude Avalulde Raavukal njan pathinezhu pravashyam kandittundu". And after saying this he slightly slants his body against the door,till Seema gives a fierce look.
2) The song "Rakendu Kirangal". Mysteriously haunting... and the line Aval polum ariyaatha neram.. kaalam vanna kanneerppoovin karalinullil kaliyembayethu, raavin nenjil kolam thullum romaanjamaayaval maari That lilne explains everything.

19 December, 2006  
Anonymous Velu Nair said...

There is another equally wonderful melody in the movie. The inimitable KJY's rendition of Antharindriya Daahangal, Asulabha mohangal, Anubhotthikalude melangal, Athishaya Raagangal!!

19 December, 2006  
Anonymous Bharath said...

After hearing about this movie again and again (especially from Sreenivasan's dialogue) I recently saw this move. Infact I reached this blog searching for more info about this movie. Did I see a Kamal Hassan cameo in the scene when Seema sees-off Soman at the railway station ? And is Child-Seema today's Sridevi ?

18 October, 2007  

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